Do you find that you are not necessarily cash-rich, but you are rich in assets? With our alternative funding model, we are dedicated to assisting you with funding if you are indeed asset based rich. Assets can be classified, such as, property, inventory, equipment, accounts receivable, and other asset-backed securities. 

From personal experience,  I have spoken to a multitude of business owners who have acquired lots of property and houses, for example, but their bank account is not stellar and underwriting may not approve them because they seem high-risk. However, our Senior Underwriting Specialists reviews each piece of property and denotes profits and losses to the property and makes current and future projections based on macroeconomics. Will your property drop in value? Or increase instrumentally? We look at everything in a “big picture” to get you approved through your property. We have all heard the expression, keep your land because they are not making any more of it. Property is just as viable as capital because property is valuable and property can provide one with residual and sustainable income–whether or not you build a luxury home, multi-family, spec house, apartment, tenement buildings, etc. There are so many opportunities a parcel of land can offer, which is why our company does not discriminate between assets and capital. 

Traditionally, most financing firms dislike the idea of asset based lending because they want to make quick cash, and they do not want to complete the hefty amount of paperwork, which may be required for an asset-based loan. As a purveyor of human nature, it is important to be vigilant with these firms and to complete your due diligence by asking good questions. Talk to their Senior Underwriting Chairman and listen to his vernacular and his ability to speak fluidity about his area of expertise. Check out their past clients and portfolios and websites. 

However, asset based lending can be considered more than property. Although it may be more difficult in the approval process, you can submit other forms of assets which include but are not limited to the following items : 

– inventory

– equipment

– accounts receivable

– other asset-backed securities 

Our Senior Account Underwriter can assist you with what will qualify you for Asset Based Financing. As stated earlier, a firm that even considers Asset Based Financing distinguishes itself as an exceptional financial firm because we are willing to go the extra mile to ENSURE that you get the right type of financing for your business. We are not going to throw you to the wolves. We are financial experts and loan officers, and we are here to ensure the solvency and longevity of your business. We ensure a hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee, because of the multitude of alternative funding. Our best advice is to chat or call our Customer Service Line and tell us as much as you can about your business, such as, 

  • how long have you been in business
  • What is your monthly revenue
  • What industry are you in? 
  • What’s your FICO score?
  • What’s your annual gross revenue?
  • Is your annual gross revenue trending upwardly or downwardly? If downward, why? 
  • Do you have any open positions or loans (MCA, equipment loans, SBA, etc.) with any other financial firms? If yes, with whom? How much do you owe? 
  • Do you have any hard assets, such as real estate or equipment?
  • Any horizontal or vertical loans? 

So, what do you think? Are you flush in assets or are you flush in cash?