How many missed opportunities have you had because you did not have the appropriate equipment to complete a big job for a corporate client? From personal experience, it is not a good feeling to let a customer, any customer, pass you by, and decide to “go with someone else.” Not being able to help a customer is probably one of the worst feelings in the world for an aspiring entrepreneur. So, let us teach you how to establish and procure the appropriate  equipment financing for your next project, so you can land every deal that comes your way. 

First, it is important to recognize that establishing strong relationships with customers is the most important facet to any good business relationship. Relationships are built on trust and perception. Think of it this way….One equipment financing opportunity lands you a big client, with residual income (weekly or monthly), which can send you into the stratosphere. From a classic Humphrey Bogart movie, it was cited that “at forty, you shouldn’t be running anymore, you should have a bank account.” One big client may save your business because of all the referrals they bring with them. We do not need to tell you how important “word of mouth” is–in any kind of business sector.  What are people saying about your business? What kind of company are you? Are you serious about making an ROI? Or are you complacent with the mediocre jobs you have from small-paying customers? 

Equipment loans are probably the most important financing option on this list, especially if you are in the construction sector. For example, a customer wants a custom-home built with a specific kind of stairwell that you don’t have the equipment for because you never did a stairwell like that before. Do not ever lose confidence. Tell them you have to talk to one of your CFO about getting the equipment together quickly, so you can make their custom-built stairwell, which is awesome and wrought iron and twirls from the foyer, to the attic. Not to mention, you like the refreshing idea of something you never built, and you are an artist when it comes to building houses. 

Get them talking and establish that essential line of trust that building a house for your family is something that you also did. Find that commonality that makes you different fro the hundreds of other builders they will speak to. Do your due diligence before you speak to him, and gain everything you need to know about staircases. Assume the sale. Assume you already have the equipment and you got the job. And it’s a big job. Confidence is key here. Don’t let them know for a second you do not have the tools. What will they think of you? Always ASSUME THE SALE. 

Remember, you care about the customer, and that they get the best service possible. Show them your interest by asking them to send over the schematics of the staircase. Now, they tell you to contact their architect and you get his personal cell phone. Now, you just gained their trust. The architect is the decision maker here, so make sure to gain his AID (Attention, Interest, and Decision) by inquiring about his specs and demonstrating that your prior testimonials demonstrate only the work of an exceptional building team. Show him your other houses on your website. Show him the fabulous aesthetically amazing inground pool which was made specifically for an Olympic swimmer.  Don’t be modest when you are an exceptional artist with the best team of masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, which you trust with your life. 

Next, contact us so we can get you started on getting the equipment needed to process your financing application for this new project that you have acquired based upon your excellent salesmanship skills. 

Don’t you want to retain solvency for the rest of your business’ lifespan. Don’t you want to leave a nice legacy for your grandchildren or children? You don’t want to be sitting by the fireplace, with your grandson on your lap, telling him about how you lost your business because the interest was too high on an equipment loan that could have made you millions? So, in the face of all adversity, do not hesitate to take out this kind of financing to put you above water.  You do not want to be turning away any (any) kind of business, in this economic climate and recession (look at the price of gold), if you have the opportunity to procure financing to complete the work order and receive maximum profits. 

First and foremost, any good business owner needs to be one hundred transparent with their prospective leads. Tell them what they need to know, so they do not call up another company, and gain their trust immediately by finding a commonality that you and the business owner may agree on….For example, you were both raised in a rural part of Tennessee. Business is all about how good you are at sales. Anyone can be sold, even if they seem difficult, at first. Ask questions, use active listening skills, and find that common ground which will gain their trust and give them a good solid reason to stick with your company instead of the hundreds of others listed on Google. What makes your company different?  You want to provide the best work for your customers, and it is only you that can give the best service. You know your industry the best. So, let’s get started on your equipment financing today. 

Equipment financing is easily accessible for business owners because as a marketplace we understand that any kind of construction job can come up at any time. Do not miss any kind of opportunity because you may not have the equipment on hand– this is what we are here for– we are here to assist you in the procurement of the appropriate equipment. Never turn away business. You can do it. 

Equipment financing is utilized for this exact purpose, although you may need to provide a good faith deposit to secure the equipment. 

The application is not lengthy and the equipment will make you a fortune in the long-term. The long-term benefits (LTB) outweigh the small nominal fee and/or deposit we will charge to procure the equipment from our third party lender. The equipment loans will help bridge your business from a small business to a large-to-medium sized business because equipment demonstrates that your business is in the market for serious high-rollers, and you have the best state of the art equipment out there to make sure the customer gets the best service and the best job completed. 

Equipment financing is a simple type of financing that is cut and dry. Have you ever financed a car or truck from a dealership? Similarly, it is the same kind of basic process.  Our lenders will connect you with a third party financing source to help you procure the equipment needed to complete your next big project. Depending upon the mitigating factors mentioned above, your interest rate will be determined by the financing company. Statistically,  the higher your FICO score the better interest rate. Why? Financing companies believe that they can trust you, and they will give you a lower rate, but since COVID, we understand credit is not as important as it once was, and you do not need an impeccable score to secure this kind of financing. 

The terms and conditions for equipment loans vary, and they can be short or lengthy; they can range from three to ten years depending upon a number of different factors: length of time in business, monthly revenue, consistency in tax returns, FICO score, and many other mitigating factors. 

Unlike some of the non collateralized financing options we prodive, in this case, the equipment serves as the collateral. The payments will be directed to the financing company. If there are a number of nonpayments, for example, the equipment can and will be repossessed. We are putting our trust in you, just as you are putting your trust in us. A deposit is necessary, and we will work with you on making a payment plan, if needed. We will stop at nothing to get you the equipment needed.  the payments are very important, and they are not to be missed. If a payment is going to be late, our expert advice is to call the financing company and notify them immediately. Generally speaking, the financing company has already spent their time on you (“time is money”), and they do not want to lose your faithful business just because you had a bad month, so they will make a payment plan that is beneficial for you to maintain, while upkeeping the costs of everything else. Similarly to financing a car or truck, once the equipment is paid off, you will receive the title and— congratulations, you just added one more piece of value to an already incredible company. Nice work! 

Don’t worry about your credit. You will qualify for the equipment financing, but your interest rate may be higher depending upon your FICO. 

Now, your name gets out there into the wealthy demographic niche of VIP customers who have enough money to burn to spend 5 million on a custom built house that is only going to cost you 1 million because the labor is in-house. Do you really want to lose 4 million dollars in clear capital? Equipment financing can give your business the jump-start that it needs to plunge you into another stratosphere of wealth. Soon, you will  need our wealth management and accounting services, which we provide upon the acceptance of the equipment financing.