The construction industry is a very popular industry for funding. Being in construction requires cashflow consistency more than most other industries.

You may want to consider Rehab financing, Equipment financing, SBA, etc, when working in the construction industry.

Popular equipment types include:

  • Cranes
  • Bulldozers
  • Trucks
  • General Tools
  • Excavators
  • and much more:

When thinking about your funding resource Aristafi must identify with the industry in which you are in. Construction is a very expensive industry with short term – high profit gain.

For instance: You won a bid for constructing a building. Would you rather utilize the revenue from the bid price or utilize a working capital loan which incurs a nominal interest rate in which you can turn the existing revenue into more of a profitable gain?

In order to successfully turn revenue into profit, utilizing a financing option for working capital in construction you are revolving the contract’s bid revenue and turning the assets into a longer term pay-back on special tools in which you need for the particular bid you are working on.

Now, hypothetically what if you do not win another bid (or receive any construction jobs) after the aforementioned bid? Now, you will have the working capital to sustain the profits you did gain from the previous construction job.

So, Aristafi recommends either an SBA, Construction, Equipment, LOC, or Rehab loan to better revolve your finances and create considerable sustainability in a longer term.

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